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Carbon Graphite Seal Bushing Ring

The product name:Carbon Graphite Seal Bushing Ring

Detailed introduction:

Graphite seal ring are mainly used for mechanical industry. Based on working condition, relevant graphite material can be offered. And the dimensions are as per drawing.


The characteristics of graphite material 

1. Good lubricity

2. Good thermal conductivity

3. Good corrosion resistance

4. High oxidation resistance

5. Greater resistance to thermal and mechanical shock

6.  High mechanical strength and machining accuracy

7.  Hard surface and good flexural strength


Resin impregnated carbon graphite, increase the strength and wear resistance, decrease the material porosity. 

Metal impregnated carbon graphite,  increase the density, high temperature resistance. 


Our Metal or Resin Impregnated Graphite Parts are widely used in equipments of modern industry, such as seal rings for centrifugal pumps reacting kettle for chemical engineering, hydraulic generators and rotate baking furnaces; piston rings and bushings for compressors oxygen machines and bellows, bearings for screen motors and other types of instruments; slides for motors, subways and mine brushes of electrical machinery and slides for trolleybuses, etc.

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