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Graphite mould

The product name:Graphite mould

Detailed introduction:

Graphite molds

The product description:

Graphite mold is apply to continuous casting process.There are two types of continuous mold called the vertical (up-drawing) continuous casting and horizontal continuous casting. According to the materials used for the continuous casting process like the brass, red copper, aluminum, iron casting, the machine are names an brass continuous casting graphite mold, red copper continuous casting graphite mold, etc. 


Graphite molds has fetures of thermal stability, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, acid resistance, high heat Conduction, control of metal pollution, quality stability, etc.

Main Application:
1. Brass continuous casting mould.
2. Red copper continuous casting mould.
3. Continuous casting mould for jewelry of gold, silver, platinum, etc.
4. Steel and stainless steel continuous casting mould.
By the shape of the cast product, it is divided into round bar mould, hollow tube mould, and shaped mould. 


According to customer requirements on size and use environment.


Wooden box or wooden cage + pallet.

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